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HELHORSE and DEFECTO are support Rammstein next week in Horsens

HELHORSE and DEFECTO are support Rammstein next week in Horsens



PREVAIL are releasing a music video for their first single "Smiting Our Enemy" from their newest album. They present to you a very controversial music video, which includes the executions of major political characters.

Watch the music video here: 




The new single from The Interbeing is here! From their upcoming album 'Among The Amorphous' out through Long Branch Records on June 23, 2017. 

Listen to 'Sins of The Mechanical' here: 



Sons of Death Valley are ready with their 2nd single from their upcoming album 'Fathers of The Free'. 

Here is 'Three Finger Jack'! 



We are proud to announce that HELHORSE has signed with the international booking company Rodeo Star! 



Daycare For Jedi recently released their debut album 'This Is What You Get', but they're not done yet. Today they released a music video for the song 'Moonshine' - watch it right here: 



Yet another Prime band has been signed to an international label -Congratulations to The Interbeing for signing with Long Branch Records! They will be releasing their upcoming album 'Among The Amorphous' on June 23rd 2017!


CABAL has released a music video for their song 'Purge', with live footage from their concerts on the Prime Is Coming tour 2017. Watch it right here: 



The band Daycare For Jedi are ready with their debut album 'This Is What You Get', which will make you look forward to warmer days with it's summervibes. 

Listen to it on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, etc. 



Odd Palace have just released a new single - 'Tools', listen to it here: 



Sons of Death Valley are getting ready to release their 2nd album 'Fathers of The Free' - out on May 12, 2017. 

But for now you can enjoy their first single from the album - 'Path of The Righteous', with an accompanying music video made in collaboration with Sbtn Photography. Watch it here: 



Our youngest band at Prime - NORTHERN BLUES have just released their debut album 'Splitmind'! 

And they are now on a Denmark tour with label mates APHYXION. 

Listen to the album on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal etc. 

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Leave you heavy metal vest at home and put on a long-sleeve!

SLAM-IT! is the name of a collaboration between Prime Collective and Live Nation, which has resulted in a festival with a focus on the modern rock and metal genres. The first edition of SLAM-IT! will take place at Pumpehuset on the 2nd of June 2017.  

The inspiration for the festival is collected from American and British festivals, and comes upon a period of an increasing interest for the new wave of rock and metal, a wave which, here in Denmark, has been set in motion especially by Prime Collective.

SLAM-IT! offers a line-up, which certainly challenges the conventional rock and metal scene. This year’s edition will be guested by the following:  


Tickets will be available from Friday, March 3rd, at .



The new album 'Blind World' by GHOST IRIS is out now through Long Branch Records (Agent Fresco, Kaizer Chiefs, Annisokay). 

Get it through Long Branch Records, or EMP. 

Or stream it on Spotify, iTunes, etc. 



GHOST IRIS has released the 2nd single from their upcoming album 'Blind World'. 

Listen to 'Save Yourself' and watch the accompanying music video here: 



Yet another single out by Northern Blues! Listen to and watch 'Through Me' right here: 

'Through Me' is out on Spotify, iTunes, etc.



The youngest band to ever release through Prime Collective, is ready with their first single 'Four Hundred', from their upcoming debut album 'Splitmind'. 

Listen to the new single by Northern Blues here:



The after-trailer from our 'Prime Is Coming' tour is here! Check it out:



We are proud to announce, that Sons of Death Valley, have signed an international booking deal with Dragon Productions (D-A-D, Dizzy, Sonata Arctica). 



GHOST IRIS has signed internationally with Artery Global (Slaves, Alesana, Dayshell) and Long Branch Records (Agent Fresco, Kaizer Chiefs, Annisokay)! 

The band has also released their first single from their upcoming album 'Blind World'. 

Watch the music video for 'Pinnacle' right here:



Daycare For Jedi has released their 1st single from their upcoming album 'This Is What You Get', which is set to be released in March. 

The single is called 'Next Chapter', and you can check it out below: 



APHYXION has signed with Dragon Productions (D-A-D, Primordial and our very own I'll Be Damned)! 


The highly anticipated album 'Aftermath' by APHYXION is now out worlwide! 

To celebrate, the band has also released the 3rd and last single 'Same Kind of Different' - watch the music video below.

Order the album here:

And stream it on Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music etc.



NORTHERN BLUES has released a new song, which marks the end of an era, but also a new beginning. 

The guys are back in the studio working on new music, which they can't wait to share with you all.

Stay tuned, and meanwhile you can listen to their song here:



Prime Collective attended Hokuo Music Week in Japan again this year. It was an exciting week, with a lot of new possibilites.

We brought The Interbeing along, and their showcase was sold out! 

Watch this little video from our succesful trip here: 



APHYXION has released their 2nd single from their upcoming album 'Aftermath'. To celebrate the release of their single 'Dark Stains on Ivory', they have also announced an upcoming Danish tour. 

Watch their lyric video here: 


03/12 – Riamuf, Ribe (releaseparty)
13/01 – Vintermetal, Skråen Aalborg
03/03 – Templet, Lyngby
04/03 – Konfus Ungdomshus, Esbjerg
09/03 – Sønderborghus, Sønderborg
10/03 – Bygningen, Vejle
17/03 – Beta, København
24/03 – Atlas, Aarhus (Tour finalparty)



We are proud to present a trailer for our upcoming Prime is Coming tour. Check it out on our Facebook page!



Yet another Prime band has released an album! This time it is Prevail with their debut album 'War Will Reign'. 

Order it here:

And stream it on Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. 


APHYXION have just released their first single 'Destined to Fail' from their upcoming album. To sweeten the news, they have also released a music video for the single. Check it out! 



Yet another Prime band has signed internationally! 

Congratulations to I'LL BE DAMNED for signing with Drakkar Records and Dragon Productions, who will be re-releasing their debut album this spring. 



Halcyon Hope have just released their album 'Onward to Fracture Town'. 

They have two versions available: The REGULAR album version and the DELUXE edition. Both can be found on your preferred streaming site worldwide. 

Or you can listen to their album at our profile on Soundcloud.



We are happy to announce that NORTHERN BLUES now are a part of Prime Collective! They are going to be the youngest band at Prime, and we welcome them to the family!  



Odd Palace have released a new music video for their song 'The Itch', which they played live for the first time at their show at Distortion 2016. Check it out below! 



They were named upcommer of the year at the Danish Rock Awards. They we're awarded best concert at the festival at this years Spot Festival by GAFFA. MØL is their name, and they are one to watch. We are happy to say that we have sealed a deal with these gifted bunch of guys, and we are looking forward to releasing their debut album in 2017.



Today we have sealed the deal with Aphyxion. One of danish metals true great. See our Facebook for a longer update. Album will follow in December.



Today on the 1st of December the Prime Collective is unveiled for the first time. The collective is a newly established management and promotion company founded by Mirza Radonjica, earlier head of promotion and A&R of Target Group/Mighty Music, and frontman of Danish alternative rock band Siamese. Prime Collective further consist of Jacob Aarosiin Hansen from the industrial metal band The Interbeing who like Mirza is a former employee of Target/Mighty Music where they both in the period 2009-2014 have been working with promotion, booking and A&R.

Besides the two musicians who professionally have worked with Danish rock and metal for five years, the company consists of the two acclaimed and respected bloggers Tim Larsen (Rockfreaks) and Neema Rad (Moshcouture).

Prime Collective has the vision and ambition to cultivate and pave the path for contemporary, original and talented bands who seek more than just the comparison with the rock and metal icons of the past. The understanding and respect for the musical giants of the past is great, but the task of the Prime Collective artists will be to work with a creative output that can provoke, renew and vitalize the Danish rock and metal scene, that due to its own glorious history is hard to change, with the result that the time quietly runs from it.

Prime Collective is a professional collective whose task is to further Danish hard rock and metal, and thereby make it relevant again. Both nationally and internationally.


Mirza Radonjica-Bang CEO & artist manager  

Mirza Radonjica-Bang

CEO & artist manager


Sara Gacic Graphic design, SoMe & PR  

Sara Gacic

Graphic design, SoMe & PR


Domi Sudziarski Product manager & PR  

Domi Sudziarski

Product manager & PR


Sebastian Falck Stigsby Visuals  

Sebastian Falck Stigsby