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So summer is coming and we are busy as hell. New signing Evra on European tour, Black Book Lodge at Roskilde, I'll Be Damned and Daycare For Jedi at Distortion+ many more news coming up. It's going to be the best summer ever. See you guys in August!


I'll Be Damned signs with Prime.

The cursed rock. It is ruled out, is ruled dead. But by no means if you ask the new shooting star of danish rock I'LL BE Damned. With strong riffs and crazy heavy groove the boys remind you of why you love rock'n'roll. The five experienced guys from Aarhus have quickly established a solid expression, where it's gasoline is not only the excitement of playing fast-paced rock music, but also the inexorable urge to yell at the establishment.
They've put the live scene at their feet and received considerable airplay on P6 and Myrock with their debut EP "The First Coming from 2012. Now Stig, Kristian, Boris, Anders and Mathias are ready with their hard-hitting debut. The album was recorded at Antfarm Studios with Tue Madsen and is set to be released in September.
"I'll Be Damned is one of the reasons why we at Prime spend all our time on the Danish rock music. It sounds dangerous, it is grand gestures, catching and interesting. We are proud that they chose us rather than the more established players out there. "Said Mirza from Prime Collective.



We have three acts playing at this years SPOT FESTIVAL. We are well represented at the HARDSPOT Stage. Check the trailer right here:




Release is available on all digital Platforms including Spotify, Tidal, Itunes, Amazon and many more!


Metal.de - 8/10

Extreme Underground - 8/10

More to come...


GHOST IRIS RELEASE ALBUM TODAY!!!! Release is available on all digital Platforms including Spotify, Tidal, Itunes, Amazon and many more!

ItDjents - 9,5/10

GAFFA - 4/6

Metal-Temple - 10/10

Metal Hammer UK - 4/6


CICCONE RITCHIE RELEASE ALBUM TODAY!!!! Release is available on all digital Platforms including Spotify, Tidal, Itunes, Amazon and many more!

Metal Hammer - 8/10

Aardschok - 8/10

Big Cheese - 7/10

Bunker Magazine - 10/10


STREAM CITY RELEASE ALBUM TODAY!!! Release is available on all digital Platforms including Spotify, Tidal, Itunes, Amazon and many more!

Metalized: 8/10

Big Cheese: 8/10

Metal-Temple: 9/10

Aardschok: 8/10



Siamese are releasing their first ever music video!

The new release "Siamese" has been meet with great reviews in the danish media and the music video for Tomorrow Never Dies has been brought on established media such as Ekstra Bladet, Euroman, Vice and GAFFA. You can see the video by clicking here 

05/01/2014 - Ghost Iris set to release debut LP

With growing segments in the international metal scene recently turning their attention towards increasingly technical and innovative bands, the Copenhagen-based quartet GHOST IRIS is now ready to present a Danish take on the genre, with their debut album "ANECDOTES OF SCIENCE & SOUL". Having previously gathered experience in popular local bands like AS WE FIGHT, ROAD TO MANILA, SHAPED LIKE SWANS and A SHELTERING SKY, the band members of GHOST IRIS combine elements from metalcore and progressive metal in a sound that balances complex and powerful heaviness with ambitious and technical melodies.

On "ANECDOTES OF SCIENCE & SOUL" GHOST IRIS picks up where pioneers like TESSERACT, PERIPHERY, ERRA and VOLUMES have revolutionized the genre, and delivers 10 tracks where striking clean vocals and diverse growls create a contrast which reflects the themes of the songs: Dealing with the issues of identity, dreams and delusions.

"ANECDOTES OF SCIENCE & SOUL" was recorded in collaboration with producer JEPPE ANDERSSON, who is known for his work with successful bands like AMARANTHE, RAUNCHY, MEW, VOLBEAT, COLD NIGHT FOR ALLIGATORS, INVISIUS and SCARRED BY BEAUTY.

The first three singles on "ANECDOTES OF SCIENCE & SOUL", "Dreamless State", "Phalanx" and "Everlasting Bliss" have already been released online, all gathering positive reactions on social media, from fans all over the world.

The album is released on February 23rd 2015 in Denmark and Europe through Prime Collective.


Siamese have released their first single from their upcoming album! It is made available on all digital paltforms including Itunes and Spotify



The band also announced their new tour! You can see the dates here:



Today Stream City released their new single from the upcoming debut LP "HOAX". Listen to the song on Spotify, Itunes or Youtube (see media section).

Stream City – The Hoax

Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/dk/artist/stream-city/id490360102?l=da


Today on the 1st of December the Prime Collective is unveiled for the first time. The collective is a newly established management and promotion company founded by Mirza Radonjica, earlier head of promotion and A&R of Target Group/Mighty Music, and frontman of Danish alternative rock band Siamese. Prime Collective further consist of Jacob Aarosiin Hansen from the industrial metal band The Interbeing who like Mirza is a former employee of Target/Mighty Music where they both in the period 2009-2014 have been working with promotion, booking and A&R.

Besides the two musicians who professionally have worked with Danish rock and metal for five years, the company consists of the two acclaimed and respected bloggers Tim Larsen (Rockfreaks) and Neema Rad (Moshcouture).

Prime Collective has the vision and ambition to cultivate and pave the path for contemporary, original and talented bands who seek more than just the comparison with the rock and metal icons of the past. The understanding and respect for the musical giants of the past is great, but the task of the Prime Collective artists will be to work with a creative output that can provoke, renew and vitalize the Danish rock and metal scene, that due to its own glorious history is hard to change, with the result that the time quietly runs from it.

Prime Collective is a professional collective whose task is to further Danish hard rock and metal, and thereby make it relevant again. Both nationally and internationally.


The frances desire -
Just a sound

Prime Collective 2016


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