“Meet Aphyxion, the new saviours of melodic death metal… one of the most exciting new bands in Europe!” - Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer UK

Metal Hammer editor Dom Lawson spoke out loud and clear when reviewing the debut album of Danish modern metal quintet APHYXION.
The young boys, still in their early twenties, have gathered a rather good reputation by their appearances on prestigious festivals such as Wacken Open Air and Copenhell, massive touring in Europe and shows played alongside well established bands both in and outside of Denmark. APHYXION has managed to play over 100 shows before the age of 20. 

The debut album “Earth Entangled” was released in 2014 and is produced, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Aborted, Primal Fear etc.) and APHYXION’s own guitarist, Jonas Haagensen.
Besides being nominated for “Best Hard Rock Album” at the prestigious annual Gaffa Awards, “Earth Entangled” has been received with praises from the biggest rock/metal medias around the world.

New album out in late 2016.

This shit is heavy as fuck”
— ..Said everyone

CABAL is a new Copenhagen based band playing blackened and heavy tunes. The band aims to create a visceral and doom-laden atmosphere throughout both their music and visual expression. 

The band formed in the fall of 2014 after guitarist and producer Chris Kreutzfeldt started recruiting people to play some super heavy music. It lead to the creation of the CABAL consisting of current and previous members of danish underground metal and hardcore acts such as Scarred by Beauty, New Discolour and Embracing Sickness. The band is Chris Kreutzfeldt(Guitar) Arsalan Sakhi(Guitar), Malthe Strøyer(Bass), Andreas Bjulver(Vocals) and Nikolaj Kirk(Drums).

The EP was recorded, produced and mixed by Chris Kreutzfeldt and the band in his private studio.


For more than five years, the award winning Danish metal band Cold Night For Alligators have been making a name for themselves, and catching the attention of fans all over the world with their eclectic live shows.


Cold Night For Alligators combine their progressive death metal, with brutal technical hardcore, layered with tremendous atmospheric ambient sounds created by two of the most emphatic guitarist on the danish metal scene Roar and Kristoffer. The band's highly anticipated debut album is finally ready. Just recently the band released their first single “Followers” which immediately spurred the interest from Metal Hammer UK.  The juggernaut that is Cold Night For Alligators consists of five personalities just as complex as their music. Gaining experience in different constellations during the past years, the five-piece is an experienced and vigorous band, which a lot of metal pundits expect a lot of in the near future.

The eclectic approach to the song writing in Cold Night For Alligators is enjoyable to those who appreciate taking the time to delve into technical detail with music on a very high level, in the vein of Between the Buried and Me. Not to be confused, CNFA deliver some neck breaking head banging during their debut LP as well as hooks that will keep you humming for weeks. There is a lot of things to love about Cold Night For Alligators and their many faced monster of a debut. Sit back and let your ears enjoy the down tuned assault of an 8-string guitar and brutal vocals ranging from guttural growls to high pitch screams.

CNFA are a touring band without any doubt. The band has toured countries such as India, UK, Germany, Belgium, Norway, and of course all over Denmark. With the release of the first single and the debut album, Cold Night For Alligators are ready to get back unto the stage and will in the coming time be presenting several European shows. The album is released worldwide through Prime Collective.



In less than a year, the band moved from the rehearsal room to an outdoor debut concert at Distortion Festival. In hindsight, a concert they perhaps should have cancelled. Not because the band wasn’t ready, but because the combination of rain and electricity almost became fatal. Nevertheless it’s an expression of the spirit of sacrifice the friends in Daycare For Jedi hold for their music. With the debut EP "Worst Things First" the boys showcase a playful and almost experimental expression of the energetic and melodic genre that brings to mind warm summer evenings, American Pie films and the American music scene around the 00’s. The EP is made by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios (Volbeat, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Anubis Gate others).

Expect circlepits, stagedives, sing alongs and the occasional concussion or two, when experiencing Daycare For Jedi live. In connection with the release of the EP, Daycare For Jedi will embark on a large European and Danish tour in the fall of 2015. Daycare For Jedi's EP "Worst Things First" will be released through Prime Collective August 3




With the raw, almost unholy, mixture of dirty metal, punk and classic rock, HELHORSE positioned themselves on the Nordic rock/metal stage as a force to be reckoned with. As one of Denmark’s biggest newspapers, Information, said: “Helhorse sounds like the bastard child of Black Sabbath and Black Flag.”

Now already esteemed sludge metallers, HELHORSE dropped their critically acclaimed 2nd album “Oh Death” in the fall of 2013. The album got praise all across the board and was featured on several “album of the year” lists. Now Helhorse had descended into a cultural chaos of Nordic poetry and American death dirges, the title of the concept album “Oh Death” itself was taken from a burial hymn, specially used in Afro-American spirituals of the 18th century. ‘Oh Death’ celebrated death as purification, freedom and a developing factor for human kind, its songs revolving around personal themes like the demise of a love relationship, the liberation from expectations, escape through heavy drinking and philosophical contemplations on how the human race is drawn towards self-destruction. In many ways a journey through a spectrum of emotions from f**k you rock & roll attitude to more introspective songs, ”Oh Death” kicked off the rise of Helhorse. Besides gaining great reviews in magazines like Metal Hammer, Twilight, All Schools and Rockfreaks, the band has gained an ever growing following live. The highlight so far was the festival summer 2014 that saw the band playing Øresunds Festival, Copenhell and Roskilde. 

The band has several times been named as one of Denmark’s best live acts and after playing close to 200 shows the last 3 years, Helhorse has become a fierce machine that takes no prisoners live. Ever hungry the band is gearing up to take Helhorse to another new level with the release of their third, eponymous, hard-hitting album (out via Spinefarm Records in May 13th 2016) and sharpening their collective knives to perfect the creature that is Helhorse.











ghost iris//



artwork final 2.jpg

With growing segments in the international metal scene recently turning their attention towards increasingly technical and innovative bands, the Copenhagen-based quartet GHOST IRIS is now ready to present a Danish take on the genre, with their debut album "ANECDOTES OF SCIENCE & SOUL". Having previously gathered experience in popular local bands like AS WE FIGHT, ROAD TO MANILA, SHAPED LIKE SWANS and A SHELTERING SKY, the band members of GHOST IRIS combine elements from metalcore and progressive metal in a sound that balances complex and powerful heaviness with ambitious and technical melodies. 


On "ANECDOTES OF SCIENCE & SOUL" GHOST IRIS picks up where pioneers like TESSERACT, PERIPHERY, ERRA and VOLUMES have revolutionized the genre, and delivers 10 tracks where striking clean vocals and diverse growls create a contrast which reflects the themes of the songs: Dealing with the issues of identity, dreams and delusions. The album explores diverse moods and atmospheres, with an aim to provide the listener with an experience that is as catchy and varied as it is hard-hitting. With a home scene that often finds its strength in traditional metal, GHOST IRIS wishes to provide a different perspective, which looks to the cutting edge of metal styles for inspiration and refuses to be a one-trick pony.


"ANECDOTES OF SCIENCE & SOUL" was recorded in collaboration with producer JEPPE ANDERSSON, who is known for his work with successful bands like AMARANTHE, RAUNCHY, MEW, VOLBEAT, COLD NIGHT FOR ALLIGATORS, INVISIUS and SCARRED BY BEAUTY. 

The first three singles on "ANECDOTES OF SCIENCE & SOUL", "Dreamless State", "Phalanx" and "Everlasting Bliss" have already been released online, all gathering positive reactions on social media, from fans all over the world. The singles form a trilogy wherein a character realizes his potential, then discovers his dream world - a place where he can fulfill this potential - and lastly achieves eternal bliss by doing so, leaving the harshness of his past reality behind. Overall dreams, disappointments, delusions and escapism are topics in the thematic aspect of the album. 


The album is released on February 23rd 2015 in Denmark and Europe through Prime Collective.

I'll Be DamneD

The cursed rock. It is ruled out, is ruled dead. But by no means if you ask the new shooting star of danish rock I'LL BE Damned. With strong riffs and crazy heavy groove the boys remind you of why you love rock'n'roll. The five experienced guys from Aarhus have quickly established a solid expression, where it's gasoline is not only the excitement of playing fast-paced rock music, but also the inexorable urge to yell at the establishment.
They've put the live scene at their feet and received considerable airplay on P6 and Myrock with their debut EP "The First Coming from 2012. Now Stig, Kristian, Boris, Anders and Mathias are ready with their hard-hitting debut. The album was recorded at Antfarm Studios with Tue Madsen and is set to be released in September.
"I'll Be Damned is one of the reasons why we at Prime spend all our time on the Danish rock music. It sounds dangerous, it is grand gestures, catching and interesting. We are proud that they chose us rather than the more established players out there. "Said Mirza from Prime Collective.



Aarhus based MØL blends swirling guitars and hissing vocals with the dreamy ambience of shoegaze to form a unique composition of soundscapes and crushing passages. Inspired by bands like My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Lantlôs and Alcest they released their self-titled debut EP back in 2014. A year later the band perfected their sound with their second EP, "II", published in 2015 and produced by Jacob Bredahl. Both EPs were well received and spurred them on to do some emphatic liveshows which has gained them huge praise in the press.

MØL have among other things played at Aalborg Metal Festival 2015 and later delivered a concert at the SPOT Festival 2016, where they we're highlighted as one of the best performances by Denmarks leading musicmagazine GAFFA. Furthermore, they received the award as the year's upcoming band at the High Voltage's Rock Awards. 2016

Currently MØL are part of the PRIME COLLECTIVES nextgen project, and are currently writing songs for their anticipated debut album which is due 2017.

THE Interbeing //


The Danish Industrial Metal band THE INTERBEING was formed in 2006. After receiving a nomination for ‘Talent of the Year Award’ at the Danish Metal Awards in 2008 and win ‘Best Metal Act’ at the Underground Music Awards in 2010, the band released the debut album 'Edge of the Obscure' in May 2011 via Mighty Music/Target Group with praises from the international press:

• Metal Hammer (UK) - 8 out of 10 stars: "... an album with refined character and a compelling undercurrent of dark sci-fi drama."

• Legacy (DE) - 13 out of 15 stars: “Ein weiteres kapitel des "Danish Dynamite" öffnet sich.”

• Hard Rock (FR) - 9 out of 10 stars: "The Danes perfectly master their instruments and mixing them with electronic sounds and different atmospheres that make the album a pearl of its kind."

ALBUM: The biggest Danish music magazine GAFFA gave the album 5 out of 6 stars and commented: "Edge of the Obscure is without doubt the best Danish metal album I've heard this year."  The album went on to be number 1 in GAFFA’s list of best national metal albums in 2011.

In September 2012 “Edge of the Obscure” was re-released in Japan with two bonus remixes.

SOUND: THE INTERBEING combines the heavy sound of Scandinavian metal with the gloomy atmosphere of electronic genres. Tight, aggressive, melodic and atmospheric are the key concepts in their sound. Their inspirations range from Meshuggah’s polyrhythmic and syncopated universe to the melodic aspects of Soilwork combined with the sombre and shuffling electronic soundscapes that you find with Massive Attack and Amon Tobin, ending up with a kind of Industrial Metal in the spirit of Fear Factory.

LIVE: In 2012 Metal Hammer UK handpicked THE INTERBEING to participate in their showcase on the internationally recognized music festival South By Southwest (SXSW 2012) in Austin, Texas USA. Metal Hammer’s editor Alexander Milas complimented the band in the context: "We have deemed them to be of immense international import."

With numerous concerts in 2011 and 2012 the band has marked themselves to be a strong live act which takes the concept of stage performance to a higher level. In the summer of 2012 the band was headlining the Pandæmonium stage on the biggest Danish metal festival, Copenhell. In October THE INTERBEING was a part of the raising progressive metal festival Euroblast, and in the end of 2012 the band supported American Stone Sour to name a few achievements.

In December 2014 the band will be special guests to the genre-defining Swedish metal giants Meshuggah in Amager Bio, Denmark.

At the moment THE INTERBEING is finalizing material for their forthcoming second album, which is set to be released in 2015. The recording sessions will start in January 2015.



siamese // 




The alternative rock band SIAMESE are one of the most promising bands in Denmark. The release of the critically acclaimed debut “We Are The Sound”, saw the band rise from the deep danish underground to the league of promising rock bands in the country. The debut was acclaimed as one of the best debut albums on SCREAM (Norway),Massmovement Magazine (UK), Rockfreaks and All Scandinavian. Furthermore, the band went on playing well over 50 concerts in seven different countries in only five months. Besides playing the venues of Europe, SIAMESE was invited to play at POPKOMM in Berlin and SPOT Festival in Denmark.

Their second album BREATHE:SEE:MOVE released in August 2012 in Denmark, is a further development of the sound that is so characteristic for SIAMESE. The album went straight to #8 at the official Danish Album Chart, and was praised by critics. Gaffas Metal and Hardrock reviewer named it album of the year by the end of 2012, and the band went on winning a GAFFA Award for BEST HARDROCK ALBUM 2012, in front of Illdisposed and Mnemic. The awardshow was televised on the national TV2 Zulu.




Sons of Death Valley drag you into their universe which takes place in the middle of the 19th century. Based on stories of oppression, unity and dreams of freedom, as told by outlaw Joaquin Murieta, who lived in grief, with a dying wish for bloody revenge. The Sons will take you through the darkest corners of Death Valley with their aggressive and straight-forward hardcore rock’n’roll, as they mix it with gloomy and dusty blues. The story is written. Now it's ready to be told.


The Aarhus-based death deathcore band UNSEEN FAITH are ready to release a gut heavy mini album on the 27th of November. The album has been titled "Yokebreaker". UNSEEN FAITH is something as rare as a danish Christian metal band. The amount of Christian metal bands in Denmark can be counted on one hand. 

The genre is huge abroad, and the band has also received attention in the United States. The five bandmates are passionate about their messages, and dealing with something quite unique on hand.
"It feels good to be finished with what we believe is the best creative output of our five year musical journey. After several changes and adversity Yokebreaker is finally ready. We look forward to releasing our music in to the world especially hailing from a country where the scene for our type of music is non existent. But the results speaks for it self and we are ready to show our potential to the world" Says lead guitarist Asbjørn Brokhøj
UNSEEN FAITH is a brutal match for all the other christian bands out there. Breakneck slams go hand in hand with glow sparkling guitar riffs in a frenetic pace that makes the ground under you shake. UNSEEN FAITH are not wastingtoo much time with atmosphere. It is original, direct and brutal - with an honest message.
The album is self-produced and released throughout Europe via Prime Collective and Border Music on the 27th of November 2015. This release will be followed by a tour in Denmark and Europe in 2016.


Roselyn is a musical project which arose on the basis of seeminglyrandom, yet fateful encounters between a group of musicians with different religious backgrounds.

The common denominator was a desire to revive the classic Christian concepts of forgiveness, hope and reconciliation through a new and unexpected expression. The band consists of former and current members from punk and metal bands in the danish underground scene, namely; 100 Knives Inside, Ascendant and Barricades. 

Struggle is a core theme in the music as well as the lyrics – nothing comes without a hammering process – capturing and exploring the journey between the hardship and the joy – the depression to deliverance,  dispair and frustration to conviction, and determination.

This theme is expressed through the violent and frantic, and at times, dark and melancholic soundscape the band embraces.

In a world of rumors of wars and religious extremism from both east and west, we see a need to focus on what we think is the essence of Christianity, across church boundaries and religious barriers and communicate it, added the uncontrollable energy of punk mixed with the grandiose of heavy metal.

On stage, Roselyn mixes a strong visual, and physically vivacious precence with an intense and violent performance of the auditory instruments to support the energy and the heartfelt message through the music. 

The aim is to communicate the old virtues of forgiveness and reconciliation in a reinterpreted universe with a mixture of English and Danish texts, so it will be as direct as possible - like the raw and honest-to-heart energy of the hardcore punk music.