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With growing segments in the international metal scene recently turning their attention towards increasingly technical and innovative bands, the Copenhagen-based quartet GHOST IRIS is now ready to present a Danish take on the genre, with their debut album "ANECDOTES OF SCIENCE & SOUL". Having previously gathered experience in popular local bands like AS WE FIGHT, ROAD TO MANILA, SHAPED LIKE SWANS and A SHELTERING SKY, the band members of GHOST IRIS combine elements from metalcore and progressive metal in a sound that balances complex and powerful heaviness with ambitious and technical melodies. 


On "ANECDOTES OF SCIENCE & SOUL" GHOST IRIS picks up where pioneers like TESSERACT, PERIPHERY, ERRA and VOLUMES have revolutionized the genre, and delivers 10 tracks where striking clean vocals and diverse growls create a contrast which reflects the themes of the songs: Dealing with the issues of identity, dreams and delusions. The album explores diverse moods and atmospheres, with an aim to provide the listener with an experience that is as catchy and varied as it is hard-hitting. With a home scene that often finds its strength in traditional metal, GHOST IRIS wishes to provide a different perspective, which looks to the cutting edge of metal styles for inspiration and refuses to be a one-trick pony.


"ANECDOTES OF SCIENCE & SOUL" was recorded in collaboration with producer JEPPE ANDERSSON, who is known for his work with successful bands like AMARANTHE, RAUNCHY, MEW, VOLBEAT, COLD NIGHT FOR ALLIGATORS, INVISIUS and SCARRED BY BEAUTY. 

The first three singles on "ANECDOTES OF SCIENCE & SOUL", "Dreamless State", "Phalanx" and "Everlasting Bliss" have already been released online, all gathering positive reactions on social media, from fans all over the world. The singles form a trilogy wherein a character realizes his potential, then discovers his dream world - a place where he can fulfill this potential - and lastly achieves eternal bliss by doing so, leaving the harshness of his past reality behind. Overall dreams, disappointments, delusions and escapism are topics in the thematic aspect of the album. 


The album is released on February 23rd 2015 in Denmark and Europe through Prime Collective.