In less than a year, the band moved from the rehearsal room to an outdoor debut concert at Distortion Festival. In hindsight, a concert they perhaps should have cancelled. Not because the band wasn’t ready, but because the combination of rain and electricity almost became fatal. Nevertheless it’s an expression of the spirit of sacrifice the friends in Daycare For Jedi hold for their music. With the debut EP "Worst Things First" the boys showcase a playful and almost experimental expression of the energetic and melodic genre that brings to mind warm summer evenings, American Pie films and the American music scene around the 00’s. The EP is made by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios (Volbeat, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Anubis Gate others).

Expect circlepits, stagedives, sing alongs and the occasional concussion or two, when experiencing Daycare For Jedi live. In connection with the release of the EP, Daycare For Jedi will embark on a large European and Danish tour in the fall of 2015. Daycare For Jedi's EP "Worst Things First" will be released through Prime Collective August 3