For more than five years, the award winning Danish metal band Cold Night For Alligators have been making a name for themselves, and catching the attention of fans all over the world with their eclectic live shows.


Cold Night For Alligators combine their progressive death metal, with brutal technical hardcore, layered with tremendous atmospheric ambient sounds created by two of the most emphatic guitarist on the danish metal scene Roar and Kristoffer. The band's highly anticipated debut album is finally ready. Just recently the band released their first single “Followers” which immediately spurred the interest from Metal Hammer UK.  The juggernaut that is Cold Night For Alligators consists of five personalities just as complex as their music. Gaining experience in different constellations during the past years, the five-piece is an experienced and vigorous band, which a lot of metal pundits expect a lot of in the near future.

The eclectic approach to the song writing in Cold Night For Alligators is enjoyable to those who appreciate taking the time to delve into technical detail with music on a very high level, in the vein of Between the Buried and Me. Not to be confused, CNFA deliver some neck breaking head banging during their debut LP as well as hooks that will keep you humming for weeks. There is a lot of things to love about Cold Night For Alligators and their many faced monster of a debut. Sit back and let your ears enjoy the down tuned assault of an 8-string guitar and brutal vocals ranging from guttural growls to high pitch screams.

CNFA are a touring band without any doubt. The band has toured countries such as India, UK, Germany, Belgium, Norway, and of course all over Denmark. With the release of the first single and the debut album, Cold Night For Alligators are ready to get back unto the stage and will in the coming time be presenting several European shows. The album is released worldwide through Prime Collective.