This shit is heavy as fuck”
— ..Said everyone

CABAL is a new Copenhagen based band playing blackened and heavy tunes. The band aims to create a visceral and doom-laden atmosphere throughout both their music and visual expression. 

The band formed in the fall of 2014 after guitarist and producer Chris Kreutzfeldt started recruiting people to play some super heavy music. It lead to the creation of the CABAL consisting of current and previous members of danish underground metal and hardcore acts such as Scarred by Beauty, New Discolour and Embracing Sickness. The band is Chris Kreutzfeldt(Guitar) Arsalan Sakhi(Guitar), Malthe Strøyer(Bass), Andreas Bjulver(Vocals) and Nikolaj Kirk(Drums).

The EP was recorded, produced and mixed by Chris Kreutzfeldt and the band in his private studio.